Our 7 Secrets to Success

Most of our clients hire us to envision, create and produce multi-faceted campaigns. And most of our clients have annual marketing budgets of $250,000 or more. Reason: you have to cast a wide net to pull in enough buyers to sellout a big project. Here are seven ways we ensure your marketing dollars go as far as possible.

1 Marketing strategy designed to maximize sales. Marketing residence clubs offers a number of challenges because the product is expensive, highly discretionary and appeals to a select audience. Our experience promoting scores of real estate projects enables us to craft an effective marketing plan for you right out of the gate. We can strategically solve problems most other agencies do not even recognize. And we constantly hone our strategy for your project over time in order to maximize the success of your project.
2 Lead nurturing. Our custom-designed lead nurturing programs use a variety of communication tactics to move low-interest leads along the persuasion process until they are ready to buy.
3 Whole-brain creative. Persuading buyers that an irresistible lifestyle awaits them at your real estate development requires more nuanced communication than marketing canned chili and flat-screen televisions. That's why we design your marketing to engage the buyer's brain on several levels-from the sensory and emotional to the pragmatic.
4 Exceptional account service. Our account managers and assistants keep your advertising and marketing projects on time, on track and on budget. We wouldn't have it any other way…and neither would you.
5 Highly effective direct mail. Our expertly conducted direct mail campaigns will be hands down your most lucrative lead generators. Just ask The Phillips Club, which has relied almost exclusively on our direct mail campaigns to sell more than $100 million in residence club ownerships.
6 In-depth intelligence. Every time we conduct a online or direct mail campaign for you, we follow up with a response analysis. This enables us to identify the tactics, variables and messaging that produce the most sales for you. Your marketing also benefits from the knowledge we've gained testing campaigns for dozens of other developers.
7 Sales team interaction. Establishing a good rapport with your sales team is essential to the way we market. Because we want to continually improve our marketing for you, DEA prefers to work with clients whose sales teams are willing to participate in our lead tracking efforts.
"DEA brings an elevated level of sophistication to our marketing efforts, and they are constantly re-evaluating strategies in order to promote the success of the club. I feel very fortunate to have them on my team."

Rob Harper
Club Development Manager
The Residence Club at El Corazon de Santa Fe