The Phillips Club

Manhattan, New York

At the time of the conception of The Phillips Club, the private residence club concept was starting to catch on. But these clubs, so far, had been limited to resort destinations, ski resorts in particular. An urban residence club had not yet been developed and no one was sure how—or by whom—the concept would be embraced.


DEA assisted the developer, Millennium Partners, in launching the nation's first urban residence club—The Phillips Club in downtown Manhattan. First, DEA worked with the developer to identify the type of buyer most likely to need or want a luxury apartment in the city.

Corporations headquartered in NYC who often need overnight lodging for staff and clients, as well as affluent people who do business in the city, but do not live in Manhattan embraced the concept. As did people who already lived in another part of New York (Long Island, upstate—even Soho) who wanted a place in the heart of the city. DEA developed a consistent, strategic direct mail campaign that served as the Club's sole source of marketing.

Phillips Club has one of the highest owner satisfaction ratings of any residence club ever developed. And similar Clubs are being developed in other popular urban locales. The Club has over $100,000,000 in sales to date, and is rapidly approaching sellout. Due to its success, the developer, Millennium Partners, and DEA are preparing to launch The Phillips Club II.